Our Partners

Northern Conversions are a family run company, based in the North East of England. They specialise in creating bespoke campervan conversions with all of their campers being unique and built to individual style and requirements. They are one of VannyCampers' approved builders and the companies have a close working relationship in creating campervans.

Bristol based VanFolk build vans to get lost in. Vans for the comfort hungry. Vans for adventurous folk.

Their vans are bold, characterful and considered. Cupboards don’t swing open when driving, switches are in the right places, cooking isn’t cramped. Details matter, and so does feeling at home.

Their vans enable you to enjoy the journey and the destination, so you’ll feel at home whilst the landscapes around you change. VanFolk believe the UK has as spectacular an adventure playground as any destination abroad and they get pretty excited at the thought of other people discovering that.

VannyCampers are very happy to have partnered up with VanFolk to offer people some beautiful & contrasting campervans.



Nomadic Leisure are a family run company, based in the Shropshire area of England. They specialise in distribution of campervan parts and accessories. In addition to this, they have teamed up with VannyCampers specifically, in order to create completely bespoke, individual campervan conversions in partnership for competition purposes. 


Keiko Boards are a London-based and family-owned outdoor sports company. 
They are kinder to our Planet and pledge to donate a percentage from every sale to fund marine conservation, ocean & river cleanup and forest restoration projects.
They sell premium quality iSUPs and eco-friendly accessories. VannyCampers are proud to be partnered to a company that has a large focus on sustainability.