About Us

We are Ryan and Hannah, we created the concept behind VannyCampers. After spending five years transforming a blank panel van into a complete off grid campervan, we had spent hundreds of nights in her exploring the UK and beyond. We reached a point where we needed something bigger but didn’t want to just sell her, so we decided to perform a private prize draw competition.

Over a period of five weeks we shared our pictures and stories about our times in Vanny the VW on our social media pages and received an immense amount of positive feedback and love. At the end of the competition, we performed a live draw and selected a winner. A few days later the van was to be picked up by Darren (the winner). We were very sad to see her go but the excitement of handing her over to the new owner and seeing his genuine excitement, disbelief and pure elation of winning the van touched us deep down. 

It was then, that we decided we wanted to give others the opportunity to win that sense of freedom that we had experienced by owning a campervan but for an insignificant amount of money. After that moment, VannyCampers was born.

We wish everyone that enters good luck!!