Ensuring fairness and transparency in our competitions is of utmost importance to us. To achieve this, we have implemented the following measures:

  1. Solicitor Approval: Our website has undergone scrutiny by an independent solicitor who has verified that our competition is conducted in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

  2. Legal Compliance: Our competition terms and conditions explicitly outline well-considered rules that comply with pertinent laws and regulations, including The Gambling Act 2005.

  3. Regulatory Adherence: We adhere to the rules established by the Advertising Standards Authority to maintain regulatory compliance.

  4. Secure Payment Methods: We exclusively accept major payment methods (Stripe & PayPal), ensuring that we neither see nor store your card details.

  5. Conflict of Interest Avoidance: We maintain a strict policy prohibiting our family members or anyone professionally connected with the competition from participating.

  6. Registered UK Company: We are a UK-incorporated limited company, publicly accessible on Companies House as VannyCampers Ltd · Company No. 13264401. Skytax 37th Floor One Canada Square, Canary Wharf London, England, E14 5AA.

  7. No Cancellation Policy: No competition will ever be cancelled due to lack of ticket sales, we never have and never will.

  8. Public Entry List: The names of all competition entrants are publicly listed on the entry pages here shortly after purchase. They stay disclosed on our website for at least six months after the live draw, ensuring transparency in the entry process.

  9. Live Draw on all social media platforms: Our live draw takes place on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & TikTok, providing a face-to-face, transparent experience as we randomly select the winner using a random number selector. ALL winners are announced live on-air and publish their name on the website after the draw.

  10. Proven Track Record: As the original campervan competition company, we were the first to provide bespoke campervans for competition purposes in the UK. Since 2020, we have given away over 50 campers to lucky winners and even more in other prizes. We also have video record of nearly all of our winners on our YouTube channel here.

  11. Expertise and Welcoming Environment: Having personally embraced the enchantment of exploring in campervans for numerous years, we take pride in our profound knowledge of all our vans and the van life lifestyle. To read our backstory, click here.